Construction is at the core of our business at ARESCO. We offer full construction services with the right tools and the right people to handle projects of all sizes; all with the highest quality and at excellent competitive value. From site preparation to site construction to commissioning services, the company has continuously proven it expertise, and also continues to grow as a market leader in the field.

ARESCO assures that all construction activities are in full compatible with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Our Construction experience is exhibited through monumental industrial structures that include factories, Power plants, mines, LNGs, Refineries, Bridges and airport terminals.

It is critical to ensure quality and conformity during the construction, installation and commissioning phases of any project, which is why the ARESCO construction team warrants compliance with relevant standards and regulations. As highly qualified engineers and technicians, ARESCO provides high-standard site preparation, construction, erection and commissioning services. We also comply with strict quality monitoring and assurance procedures that leave nothing to chance and that adhere to the planned project schedule.

ARESCO specializes in providing first rate construction field services that are offered by experts in their respective fields. The company also provides the professional, experienced manpower needed for all, structural fabrication and equipment erection projects. With the company’s years of experience and vast fleet of equipment, we have successfully completed countless turnkey projects of all scales. If the Project comprises civil construction scope ARESCO subcontracts such works and we have extensive partnerships with all major civil contractors in Egypt

As an integrated engineering service provider, ARESCO is involved in all stages of projects, whether they are offered on a standalone basis or as an integrated set for turnkey delivery. We offer specialized supervisory services that are executed by efficient experts who operate in a cohesive, goal-oriented manner.

ARESCO’s owned Equipment fleet encompass the following Lifting Equipment:

• 15 Tons Crane, Model: P&H, P-H R150
• 22 Tons Crane, Model: GROVE, RT56
• 28 Tons Crane, Model: GROVE, RT528C
• 25 Tons Crane, Model: Krupp, GMT/ AT
• 30 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LTM 1030-2 (2 Units in Operation)
• 35 Tons Crane, Model: TADANO, TR35
• 35 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LT1035
• 40 Tons Crane, Model: GROVE, RT 740B
• 45 Tons Crane, Model: KATO, NR45Hш
• 50 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, L.T.M1050 (2 Units in Operation)
• 55 Tons Crane, Model: GROVE, RT 755
• 55 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, C11 LTM1055 S/4
• 60 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LTM1060
• 65 Tons Crane, Model: GROVE, TM770
• 70 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, L.T.M 1070/1
• 80 Tons Crane, Model: Krupp, GMK 4080
• 80 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LTM 1080/1(2 Units in Operation)
• 80 Tons Crane, Model: KATO, NIT 800
• 90 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LTM 1090 (2 Units in Operation)
• 120 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LTM 1120
• 130 Tons Crane, Model: Krupp, GMK 5130
• 160 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LTM 1160
• 200 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LTM 2200
• 220 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LTM 2220
• 220 Tons Crane, Model: DEMAG, TC 1100
• 250 Tons Crane, Model: DEMAG, TC 1200
• 400 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LG1400SDN
• 400 Tons Crane, Model: DEMAG, AC400SL
• 650 Tons Crane, Model: Liebherr, LR1650

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